July 2020

To eliminate excess steps and inefficient time usage, MOSC requested Usbong's services to automate routine, monotonous tasks and share with unit members know-how on computers.

The DEMO versions of the following are now accessible publicly:

1) Patient Appointment List @St. Vincent General Hospital (SVGH):

2) Web Address List @Marikina Orthopedic Specialty Clinic Headquarters (MOSC HQ):

1) We can quickly delete and re-build the sample database again.
--> The computer instructions are already in a list, i.e. canon.

In addition, we used saved time to make the system even more efficient.

The purpose of this action is so that we experience our vision of everlasting peace, i.e ginhawa.

1) We automated the taking of photgraphs for report filing to cut used time by 1/2.
Previously, the non-automated process of taking photographs using telephone cameras took at least the same time as the computer auto-generating and our re-verifying all the reports combined.

This thereby caused used time to be at least double what is necessary.

We used the open source tool, PhantomJS, to assist in quickly executing this automation.
Our computer instructions are also available publicly.

2) We added more training courses pertaining to computer know-how.
Unit members who finish the training can take the next courses to advance in skill-level.
The course descriptions, outlines, and notes are also available publicly.


3) We shared available unused computers in Barangays San Roque, Sto. Niño, and Concepcion, Marikina City.

The objective is to share know-how on computers and Information Technology (IT) tools.

We learned that we can solve the poverty problem via maparaang pagbibilang.

4) We filed reports to law enforcement and shared information regarding the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapping/cybercriminal group who uses wireless broadcasting technology as a weapon to cause physical injury.


This is a "plug computer" that we use to make web service accessible only at a particular physical location.

We note that adding encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) was insufficient as defense against the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapping/cybercriminal group.

To prevent unauthorized access, we opted to make select web services accessible only to those who are physical located in a set location.

We acknowledge receipt of the plug computer from Ionics EMS, Inc. (IONICS) who requested assistance more than 5 years ago. At the time, IONICS needed people to test and develop software applications with it.

The size of the plug computer is as big as a human fist, or a physical heart.

Although its RJ-45 Local Area Network (LAN) port has been damaged, we wrote instructions for the computer to automatically connect and configure itself wirelessly to the network.

5) We continued with Research & Development (R&D) pertaining to energy, e.g. food, production to increase yield using less resources.

The objective is self-sufficiency.

In addition, we shared information on nutrition and provided milk, besides rice subsidies with Unit members.
We understand that milk is classified as food with complete nutrition.
However, drinking milk without exercise, e.g. continuous walking of 20 minutes daily, causes an increase in excess weight.
We advice eating what we also regularly eat, e.g. boiled kalabasa and carrots, instead of stir-fried food.