"Technology-- no matter how well designed--

is only a magnifier of human intent and capacity.

It is not a substitute."

-Kentaro Toyama

We provide training and seminars on: 

1) Usbong and Usbong Builder

2) Intro to Java Programming

3) Financial Independence with ICT

4) Love of Learning and How to Learn with ICT

5) Language and Culture Learning with ICT


 You may visit our FB page (@usbongschool) for updates.

6) Storytelling with Children using ICT

・teaches love of learning
・teaches how to learn


Schools, Corporations, Small and Medium-sized 

Enterprises (SMEs) are also welcome.

For inquiries, you may send us an email: 

learn (at) usbong (dot) ph

ICT = Information and Communication Technologies

Usbong Teacher Training: Intro to Java

(July 17, 2014 - Dec. 10, 2014)

Usbong Workshop at Ateneo de Davao (Nov. 22, 2014)

We provide software development services:



Usbong (Customization)


LIKHA Multilingual Interactive Storybook Apps


*We also offer translation and voice-over services
Languages include: Filipino, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Ilonggo, Bisaya, Spanish...