"Who has given the ultimate verdict that people are motivated only by money

--that the desire to do great things for the world can't be just as powerful

a driving force in human behavior?"

-Muhammad Yunus, Creating a World Without Poverty

Founded in 2011, Usbong Social Systems, Inc.

is a SEC-registered Computer Services

Filipino company headquartered in the Philippines.

Our mission is to defeat poverty by uplifting human lives. Our vision is a community where there is everlasting peace.

More concretely, Usbong is a social business that offers solutions that serve clients from industry, academe, and government.

We learned that we can solve the poverty problem

via maparaang pagbibilang.

Therefore, Usbong’s products and services

include development of among others:

1) add-on software automation tools

2) client unit members via training sessions

The purpose of these is to systematically count, file, and calculate data using computers and mobile computing devices.

In addition, as a technology assistance service provider, our metric for success in strengthening our clients is primarily based on our

software/computer/machine’s quality,

i.e. 1) speed, and 2) being correct.

We are headquartered in Marikina City, Philippines, albeit the company maintains a network of people based within Asia-Pacific, Europe,

and North America.

"Usbong" in Filipino is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it can mean "a bud, a sprout, a shoot". As a verb, it means "to sprout, to grow, to develop". In Binisaya, it means "to burgeon, to grow, to expand, and to flourish".

*Here we define poverty as the denial or absence of human rights, as stipulated by the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

e.g. security of person against attacks

from the Communist Terrorist Group.