Do you handle over 1000 transactions per year?

Auto-compute workbooks:

1) Transactions List

2) Billing

3) Inventory

4) Personal Finance

You can simply click a button

to auto-compute/auto-generate reports.

With Multiple Computers

in the Network

Auto-generate reports:

1) Total Transactions

2) Net Fees

3) Remaining In-Stock Product Items

4) P&L (Profit and Loss)/Income Statements

5) Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Expenses

Computer Software Automation

Select Partners



1) Microsoft Excel Worksheet with the Intended Output

2) Microsoft Excel Workbook Sample Data


1) Receive Requirements from Client.

2) Present a Timeframe to Client.

3) Write our signatures in the Sign-off document as agreement.

4) Present the completed add-on software

and training certificate to Client.

5) Repeat Step 1 (optional).

Additional Notes:

1) You can avail of the service contract for one (1) Microsoft Office license, albeit you may have several computers with Microsoft Office licenses.

▪ In this case, you will need to provide the training to the rest of your team.

2) Estimated Total Cost of Purchasing a new Personal Computer (PC) with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses:

25,000 (or ₱17.12/day for 4 years)

▪ Contact us if you need financial assistance.

3) Now hiring: Computer Services Salesperson

▪ Part-timers are welcome.

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