EXCEL 2020-09






September 2020

To eliminate excess steps and inefficient time usage, MOSC requested Usbong's services to automate routine, monotonous tasks and share with unit members know-how on computers.

Here are Key Action Items that we executed in this updates list.

1) Installed BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) Operating System, e.g. FreeBSD, OpenBSD.

1.1) learned: it is faster to use Linux to create a Virtual Box where we install BSD.

--> This is instead of immediately installing BSD on a physical machine, without the use of a host operating system, e.g. Linux.

--> In addition, Virtual Machine Images offer faster saving and transferring of data to another physical machine with Virtual Box.

--> This is due to variations in physical machine specifications, e.g. 64-bit machine architecture, CD/DVD device availability.

--> Virtual Box empowers us to set virtual specifications, e.g. file systems, Random Access Memory (RAM).

FreeBSD executing on Virtual Box

OpenBSD executing on Virtual Box


I had previously been using Virtual Box more than 5 years ago. It was to solve the problem that I experienced with having only one (1) machine and using dual boot to switch between Windows and Linux.

Whenever I need to use Linux, I had to restart the machine if I'm currently using Windows. In addition, it was difficult to simply reformat the hard disk to reinstall Windows and/or Linux when I experience an error after updating select configuration settings, e.g. security passwords. This is due to the need to transfer files and reinstall previously installed software applications.

At present, after reading the documentation and using Virtual Box (now, version 6) again, I am reminded of the Java computer programming language and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), where software applications written in Java can be executed in any physical machine with the JVM.

Recommended Reading: Sun Microsystems (SUN) History

--> SUN acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010.

2) Continued to update Knowledge Management System (KMS)

2.1) Added: set of instructions for a Computer Bot to automatically save the database storage from one machine to another.

--> The Computer Bot executes the following actions:

--> 2.1.1) verifies each file in the source computer's database storage

--> 2.1.2) copies from the source computer and overwrites in the destination computer only those files that are updated/modified based on their date and time stamp

--> At present, elapsed time to execute this action is 4mins.

--> In addition, the machines are connected to the computer network.

2.2) Added: Computer Bots to assist in the Weekly Payment Collection Report of peripheral Unit at our partner clinic

--> The Computer Bots auto-generate the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) web page from an input .csv file.

--> The input file is the output of a Macro, i.e. set of instructions, from a LibreOffice Calc workbook.

--> At present, we execute any additional editing in the workbook before saving as .csv file format.

Example Weekly Collection Report Output

With assistance from Computer Bots

2.3) Added: Value-Added Tax (VAT) checkbox for non-medicine items to eliminate excess steps.

--> We note that patients classified as Senior Citizens (SC) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are VAT-exempt.

--> I agree with Dr. Peter that patients classified now as PWD are not life-long PWD patients.

We updated the location of the +12% VAT checkbox

to make all the text in the row fit in only one (1) row,

even on a Tablet Personal Computer (PC).

2.4) Verified: that with our noon report, we can finish in less than 1 minute if there are no further corrections with the Computer Report and the Cash Register Report.

--> We at the Accounting/Cashier Unit decided to execute noon reports to speed-up the verification of the day's report after the clinic closes.

--> We admit that adding in the inventory list more item variations, e.g. new medicine and non-medicine items, and executing more actions, e.g. classifying expired medicine items, cause delay.

--> However, we are now able to provide vital information, e.g. the actual total and the auto-computed total are not exact and by how much.

--> We immediately investigated the cause to learn among others the following:

--> 2.4.1) Select patients opted not to receive the exact amount, e.g. received PHP1.00, instead of PHP0.80.

--> 2.4.2) Centavo coins are not correctly counted due to the similarity between PHP0.05, 0.10, and 0.01.

Action: Count combinations of .05 and 0.10

centavo coins until you reach 1.00

--> 2.4.3) Select cashed out items, e.g. additional PHP100.00 to be PHP500.00 due to no exact bill, are not noted in writing.

--> 2.4.4) There is a correction in the computer's set of instructions to compute the total with VAT.

--> Therefore, we recommend that the totals be exact, i.e. no excess or missing amount, even the centavos.

--> I note that we have already written a request to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to already eliminate the centavo coins.

--> Amounts that still have centavos can be rounded to become whole numbers, i.e. integers.

--> The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) already executes this, albeit still only in select BIR forms.

3) Shared with Unit member at Information Desk know-how on computer reporting and use of cash register

--> If the Unit member at the Accounting/Cashier Unit and I are both absent, it is vital that it is clear who the next in-command is.


To speed-up know-how acquisition:

1) Keep Unit to 4 team members only; 1 Chief included.

2) Unit members notify Chief of situation via incident and status reports, etc.

3) Chief requests member from another Unit to share know-how with team.

4) Team observes, learns, acquires/absorbs know-how via training and actual use.

Recommended Actions:

1) Verify: ALC Textbook (1991): オフィスの日本語

--> Japanese Language in the Office Setting

--> I use the Audio cassette tape.

--> ALC web address: https://www.alc.co.jp/jpn/

2) Verify: Fujitsu Headquarters (HQ): Global Unit 2008

--> In English, "Division", instead of "Unit" may be used.

--> In addition, a "Division" may have several sub-units.

--> In nihongo, 部 (bu) or "part" is used.

4) Notified the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) company regarding telephone problems, e.g. no dial tone, at MOSC

--> 4.1) Verified: incident on 2020-09-05

--> 4.2) Notified: MOSC that telephone numbers, (8)941-4888 and (8)942-4011 both have no dial tone;

--> Observation: Likely due to wired device connecting both telephones;

--> Additional Observation: (8)942-4011 sometimes receives dial tone after adjusting, i.e. removing and returning wired connection, to telephone port

--> 4.3) Attempted: to contact PLDT's Customer Care via email on 2020-09-11 due to persisting problem

--> 4.4) Received: email reply to contact Customer Care via Facebook, Twitter, or Service Hotline 171

--> 4.5) Contacted: Customer Care on 2020-09-19 via Service Hotline 171

--> 4.6) Received: on 2020-10-02, after 13 days, PLDT Unit member at MOSC HQ

--> Start Service Repair Execution: 09:02; Finished: 09:44

--> Service Repair Execution Time at MOSC HQ: 42mins

--> Total Number of Days (From incident verified Until service repaired): 21 days


I observed that selling the layer of technology/infrastructure causes less wasted money and time than a new store owner who uses the layer to attempt to sell to the market.


Any business that aims to grow would need an assistive tool to quickly and correctly count transactions.

Therefore, we sell computers and the accompanying services.

Calculators can also provide assistance to the extent that the transactions count does not exceed 1000. You may also verify this if you disagree.

Questions for Emphasis:

1) What is the best technique to quickly and correct count the population in your barangay?

2) What is the best technique to quickly and correct count the population of the barangay that is located in another Philippine island?

5) Added in partner peripheral Unit at the Sta. Lucia Health Care Center (SLHCC) Computer Bots to assist in automatically writing and sending the day's report to MOSC HQ via the Short Messaging Service (SMS) network.

--> 5.1) Verified: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) not anymore available in PLDT network

--> Initially, we intended to send the reports as image files, e.g. QR codes.

Example Text Report as a QR Code Image

Automatically generated by Computer Bots

--> 5.2) Reverified: cyptographic output character encoding problem when sent to telephone network

--> Given that the available network service does not anymore accept image files, we attempted to send the report, which include not only patient information, but also the gross and net service fees, as encrypted text messages.

Example Encrypted Text Report

Automatically generated by Computer Bots

--> However, the text message received by the telephone at the MOSC HQ is not equal with the original message.

--> I note that the character encoding pertains to the numerical value of letters, symbols, etc.

--> For example, in ASCII, the capital letter, "A", has a numerical value of 65.

--> But because there are only 128 supported characters in the list, those that are not included do not have a numerical value.

--> In this case, the computer may automatically use a character to signify a reading error.

--> At present, we opted to send only select information, e.g. total transactions, total fees from Cash and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) payments, without additional encryption.

Example SMS Report from peripheral Unit

with assistance from Computer Bots


This action pertains to our recommendations to MOSC:

1) Verify: net and gross profit of MOSC and peripheral units, e.g. SLHCC and SVGH

--> Is the profit at 4% net per annum?

--> Is the profit higher than 4% net per annum?

--> Reallocate to reinvest in company via equipment, training, medical and non-medical doctor unit member income.

2) Clarify: in numbers sales contribution of each unit member

--> At Usbong, we are willing to give each unit member half of income received from his/her direct sales contribution.

Recommended Reading:

1) Michael Cusumano's "The Business of Software"

--> Verify: Microsoft Sales and Salary Report

--> Michael Cusumano with Richard Selby are the authors of "Microsoft Secrets"

2) Hotta Yoshie, Shiba Ryoutarou, and Miyazaki Hayao's 「時代の風音 (jidai no fuuin; wind sound of the times; Zeitgeist)」

--> What is the relationship between Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi?

--> Why did Nobunaga trust Hideyoshi?

--> How did they conquer Japan's central and southern (Kyuushuu) islands, with the goal of even conquering Korea?

6) Requested assistance from the Marikina City Public Attorney's Office (PAO) regarding the problem with the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/communist terrorist/cybercriminal group.

--> I again note that the aforementioned group uses wireless broadcasting technology to cause physical injury.

--> Added: Usbong Education Training Course: Training Centre: Security Defense Force


You may have also read in Literature/Scripture that there exist "Angels". As it turns out, "Angels" can refer not only to an individual, but also to a society. This reminds me of the Bodhisattva, 観音 (kannon in nihongo; guanyin in Chinese Mandarin; literally: observe sound).

In addition, angels classified as manloloko are demonyo.

I agree with the sculpture inside the Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA) Parish Church in Marikina City, where the Archangel destroys the Demonyo.

7) Continued with Research & Development (R&D) pertaining to energy, e.g. food, production to increase yield using less resources.

--> Added: photographs identifying and classifying plants

--> Reused: rainwater during rainy days to water the plants

--> I note that we use the rainwater that we stored inside lidless containers before the 5th day.

--> With this action, we destroy the mosquitoes that grow to fly by the 5th~7th day.

Rainwater on the roof

redirected and consolidated

to fall on set locations

kamatis leaf (left); kalamansi leaf (center)

--> Noted: light and water as vital to energy production

Observation: Leaves move toward the direction of the Sunlight


After doing our Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis, we learned that one of our weaknesses is that we depend on power distribution

companies, e.g. MERALCO, to supply the electricity that powers the computers that we use.

We prefer to be independent, i.e. not remain a dependent.

I note that now a scientific calculator consumes only 0.0006W of power. Battery and Sunlight are sufficient.

Recommended Reading:

1) TOSHIBA Jobs Offered for Global Recruitment Program 2007

--> Job No. 17; In-House Power Systems Company

--> Nuclear Energy Systems Services Division

--> Position: System Design Engineer

--> Business Category: Nuclear Energy System

--> Product Group: Light Water Reactor

2) BIR Annual Income Tax Return (ITR)

--> Adds: "Communication" to Light and Water group as part of expenses

8) Continued to share milk, tea (green and barley), and rice subsidies to Unit members

--> In addition, we shared existing, albeit defective computers to Unit members.

--> The objective was to verify if Unit members can already repair the computers themselves.

--> This is instead of waiting for me to repair the computers.

--> The result was that we learned we need to re-train with each other.

--> This is due to know-how unused is forgotten.

9) Added training courses on Image Processing Automation

--> 9.1) verified: automatic conversion of index cards into digital format

--> At present, processing takes at least 4 minutes per set of two index cards.

--> This includes putting the index card to the scanner and notifying the Computer Bot to begin scanning.

--> 9.2) verified: automatic counting of shapes

--> This is to solve the problem pertaining to counting by hand medicine tablets/capsules, which are priced at PHP12~15 each and can total from 20 pieces to 60 pieces per patient.

--> We already verified in a recent report that we lost 2 tablets.

--> In addition, we intend to reuse this technology in white/red blood cell counting, etc.

--> 9.3) verified: automatic drawing of shapes

--> This is to remember previously learned know-how and advance further.

--> I note that we already have the set of instructions for the computer to draw a square grid and a red square that we can move using the directional keys.

--> In addition, we can already rotate the grid to be isometric in view.

3-Dimensional (3D) image auto-drawn

by a Windows Machine

--> I add that in 8 days we were able to make time to quickly write the sets of instructions for three (3) Operating Systems, i.e. Windows, Linux, and macOS.

--> We already shared these sets of instructions to the public.

--> 3D images empower us to first create virtual objects that we can verify before manufacturing/printing to reduce costs.

--> Previously, 2D images in the form of sprite sheets were drawn by hand to achieve an output for multiple angles.

--> With 3D images, we can also quickly do among others: increase/decrease the size of objects using scaling.


In fact, the automotive industry in Germany has been promoting Virtual Reality (VR) to realize the digital vehicle, where "the whole development from the initial design process up to the production planning is implemented in the computer."

In addition to reducing costs, virtual mockups have the potential to shorten time to market and lead to a higher quality of the final product.

Applications include among others:

1) Car body aerodynamics

2) Motor development, e.g. simulation of airflow and fuel injection in the cylinders of combustion engines

3) Prototyping of production lines and factories


1) Kraiss, K. (2006). "Advanced man-machine interaction: fundamentals and implementation". Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. Chapter 6 Interacting in virtual reality

Recommended Reading:

1) Vijay Vaitheeswaran and Iain Carson's "Zoom"

2) Polyphony Digital: 社員インタビュー (Employee Interviews)

10) Added reference materials for Case Study on Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) corporation

--> We emphasize mathematical optimization promotes communication.

--> We first use examples from Asakura Reiji's "Revolutionaries at Sony".

--> We add application examples in the Philippine context.


In line with this, we note that we have already requested from and reminded Medical Representatives of Pharmaceutical companies that visit MOSC to give us introductions to their Information Technology (IT) Unit.

The objective of this is to achieve system efficiency, where we eliminate inefficient usage of money and time.

For example, we send requests and feedback using electronic transmission to finish in 5 minutes, instead of 60 minutes.

In addition, we intend to learn what they need to know, e.g. are the medicine items moving from the clinic to the patients?

I note that there is a tendency to use as a metric to verify medicine effectiveness on actual sales.

However, we understand that sold items, e.g. softdrinks/sugared water, do not necessarily equal to a product good for a person's health.

Recommended Reading:

1) David Agus' "The End of Illness"