EXCEL 2020-12


矛盾(Spear Shield): Labanan (Contradiction)




December 2020

To eliminate excess steps and inefficient time usage, Marikina Orthopedic Specialty Clinic (MOSC) requested Usbong's services to automate routine, monotonous tasks and share with unit members know-how on computers.

Here are Key Action Items that we executed in this updates list.

1) Continued to update Knowledge Management System (KMS)

1.1) added: in Non-medicine Item Page, computation for each transaction in the Cart List

--> Example Item Price with Value-Added Tax (VAT): (250.00+30.00) x 1 = 280.00

--> We executed this action based on feedback after actual use by Unit members.

--> This action is to speed-up entering of amount by hand into Cash Register Machine and the Computer Database.

--> At present, the Cash Register Machine is not yet automatically connected to the Computer Database.

--> In addition, this action assists Unit members with Official Receipts (OR), which we still answer by hand.

--> After computation, it takes at least 5mins per patient to finish answering an Official Receipt.

--> From observation, a patient who is waiting at the Cashier Unit tends to also request for an OR.

--> This is after seeing another patient request for it.

--> Therefore, waiting time at the Cashier Unit for all the remaining patients increases.

--> Example: 3 patients waiting (for OR only) at the Cashier Unit;

--> patient#1: 5mins

--> patient#2: 10mins

--> patient#3: 15mins


We are already working with OR printers so that the computer assists in writing the answers to the OR.

In the 1st quarter of calendar year 2020, our partner MOSC's OR printer recommended that we first use up all the remaining printed bound receipts.

In the 4th quarter of this calendar year, MOSC opted for a new OR printer. We were recommended to receive a permit for the computer to answer the printed loose receipts from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

However, we were notified that the BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) 45 in Marikina City is being repaired due to typhoons, e.g. Ulysses, and CORONA VIRUS 2019 (COVID-19).

We are now verifying what alternative action to execute.

1.2) fixed: problem with medicine, non-medicine, and snack items not correctly classified to be purchased by patients who are classified to be Senior Citizens (SC) or Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

--> This is due to we did not yet update the medicine, non-medicine, and snack item pages to execute instructions to auto-classify.

--> Previously, we did not need to add the patient who is buying the items in the Cart List.

--> However, to solve problems with Official Receipts (OR) having "None" as the name, we executed this update as action.


From observation, grocery and medicine stores, e.g. Mercury Drug Store, do not yet need to enter in their computer database the name of all their customers who are buying from the store.

This causes a speed-up of outward expansion.

However, we recommend that we identify and classify all customers who are buying from the store. In particular, classification of place of residence, e.g. barangay.

With such information, we can identify the cause why customers are buying from a store that is not located in their barangay.

Example Causes:

1) Select medicine items are not yet available in their barangay.

2) Select customers prefer a store in another barangay due to lifestyle.

--> where: lifestyle has vehicle, money, and time to regularly go to farther places, instead of those that can quickly be reached by foot.

--> This is similar to select people who live in Marikina City opting to go to another simbahan in Quezon City, instead of their Parish Church.

We add that from history, we learn that the cause of the fall of an empire is due to problems at the core. When that occurs, the peripheral units are weakened to strengthen security defense forces at the core.

Problems at the core are caused by among others:

1) An increase in Tamad; This causes an increase in Masama, e.g. Manloloko.

--> This is due to as wealth at the core increases, people classified as communist increase.

--> "Communist"/Komunista: Tao na naniniwala na dahil sagana na tayo, hindi na natin kailangang maghanap-buhay.

--> We clarify that a communist is not necessarily evil.

--> Indeed, a communist may still go to work, albeit believes that it's not necessary.

--> The problem occurs when they become terrorists.

--> "Terrorist"/Terorista: Tao na gumagawa ng panloloko at pisikal na pananakit sa isa at higit pang mga tao.

--> "Communist Terrorist": Tao na naniwala na sagana na siya, kaya lang naubusan gawa ng pagwawaldas; naging Terorista upang mabilis na makakuha ng pera.

--> As the next generation continues, e.g. the family business, the increasing number of members in the household causes the previously sufficient income to become insufficient.

--> Solution: It is vital that each community・family・company member learn the value of honest work.

1.3) updated: computer database to include the total count sold of each item

--> This noticeably speeds-up computation of the remaining quantity of each item.

--> Previously, the computer had to verify all transactions in the database to compute the count.

--> We add that this verification includes among others: identifying and classifying the item if such exists in the transaction.

--> At present, the total number of item variations in the database is at 819.

--> Classification as item type includes medicine, non-medicine, and snack items.

--> This does not yet include variations in expiration dates and entered quantity of in-stock items in the inventory list.

--> Writing the number of the total count sold until the day before the present clinic day eliminates excess steps.

--> The computer simply verifies the stored number and only counts the transactions for the day.

--> +added: set of instructions for computer to automatically update the database when it starts before the clinic opens

--> We use Microsoft Windows' Task Scheduler to assist in the automation.


Since more than 5 years ago, we have been using Microsoft Windows's Task Scheduler to automatically notify the computer to make itself sleep and wake at set times.

This was to solve the problem of my having to go in-person to the clinic in the morning at 07:00 and also in the evening at 19:00.

Making the computer sleep causes it to use less electricity. The computer uses more electricity when there are more computations as processes being executed.

In addition, during the sleep state, websites hosted by the computer are not accessible by another computer that is connected to the network.

To open the computer for access to select files via website addresses, we can set the lock state on a Windows machine.

At present, we opt to shutdown select computers to increase security defense against unauthorized access.

We note that even in the shutdown state computers can still be set to automatically turn on using, for example, another computer that is connected to the network.

In fact, Androids are mobile computers that are used to auto-execute such task.

Recommended Action: Verify Citrix with Zero-Touch Tool

1.4) verified: noticeable speed-up by using computer spreadsheet tool, e.g. LibreOffice Calc, to assist in identifying purchased medicine items based on the Cash Register report

--> At present, the Cash Register does not identify the item, e.g. medicine, non-medicine, snack, purchased by the customer.

--> The Cash Register report does include the item price; however, there are items whose prices are equal.

--> Example:

--> Medicine Item Price: PHP16.00; where PHP = Philippine Peso





--> 1.4.1) We copy the time-based medicine item report that is auto-generated by KMS.

--> 1.4.2) We paste the report to LibreOffice Calc.

--> 1.4.3) We verify the items in the printed Cash Register report with the pasted report in LibreOffice Calc.

--> Previously, we did not use a spreadsheet, e.g. LibreOffice Calc, to assist at all.

--> With only the KMS report and the printed Cash Register report, it was slower to mark which items exist in both.

1.5) updated: set of instructions for the computer to correctly identify transactions that are classified to be "DISCOUNTED"

--> Previously, the computer classified such transactions to be "SC", i.e. "Senior Citizens".

--> This is due to the keyword that we set was "SC", which exists in "DISCOUNTED".

--> Now, the computer first verifies if the keyword, "DISCOUNTED", exists in the transaction notes before verifying "SC".

--> With this, we have a list of keywords that the computer verifies in sequence.

--> The first keyword in the list is the first verified.

--> This list exists as part of the computer's set of instructions.


At our partner Sta. Lucia Health Care Center (SLHCC) Unit, we store the list of keywords for diagnosis classification in a file that exists in the computer's hard disk memory storage.

This empowers Unit members to update the list using a text editor, e.g. notepad++, Microsoft Excel, without having to update the set of instructions that I wrote using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and the Java Computer Language.

We add that we experienced problems with increasing file size on a Windows machine when a set of instructions in Java read and wrote multiple times an input text file that used select characters, e.g. ñ.

We verified that the problem did not exist on a Linux machine using the same set of instructions.

Previously, we also used this technique to quickly set the language setting of software applications on Android to be among others: Filipino, nihongo, Chinese Mandarin, español, or English.

We note that storage with literature, i.e. written text, is another technique to build a network, i.e. relationship, between the present and the past.

Additional Notes:

1) Random Access Memory (RAM) is storage where data as items inside exist while there is electricity.

--> Therefore, when we shutdown the computer, items in the storage disappear.

--> This is in contrast to hard disk memory storage where items persist.

--> IT Assist: ソフトウエア開発技術者試験SW (Year 2008 Version) notes that the meaning of the keywords in RAM are not in particular significant.

--> This is due to Read-Only Memory (ROM) and outside memory storage, e.g. magnetic disks, can now also be "Random Access".

2) Android is classified to be with the Linux Operating System.

1.6) updated: Apache Web Server and MySQL settings to speed-up KMS

--> We classify both of these to be with infrastructure technology available for use by the public.

--> 1.6.1) In addition, we learned that we can set to ON an accelerator in Apache Web Server.

--> This notifies the computer to execute the following:

--> Enable server cache for the computer to set aside a portion of storage memory for web page files to speed-up loading

--> Disable debug for the computer to not anymore write additional notes

--> 1.6.2) We can set MySQL so that the classification of the requested web page's Internet Protocol (IP) Address is version 4.

--> With this, we eliminate excess steps to verify the classification, e.g. version 6 or version 4.

--> We verified the speed-up of these actions by adding a medicine item, i.e. vigel cream, to be:

--> Tablet PC (wireless): 7secs (previous) --> 3secs (now)

--> Cashier PC (wired): 4secs (previous) --> 3secs (now)

--> where: PC = Personal Computer


In addition, I verified executing the following action to speed-up KMS.

1) Delete excess steps in the set of instructions that I wrote using the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor Computer Language with the CodeIgniter Web Framework Tool.

Literature classifies this action to be "code refactoring".

However, speed-up was not noticeable.

This is at least up to the point that I executed the update.

At the time, the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/communist terrorist group continued and even now still continues to use wireless broadcasting technology, which includes among others:

1) sound waves to cause noise

2) electric waves to cause dizziness

3) light waves to cause eye pain

We add that besides human persons, a machine, e.g. computer network router, can be targeted to cause loading delays.

Example: A mobile computer connected to the network downloads from a website files whose total size causes the rest of the computers in the network to experience delays.

We share that a computer mouse connected to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub will at times not function correctly if there are several devices connected to the hub.

This is due to with the USB hub electricity is shared, albeit not equally, such that machines, e.g. computer printers, that need more electricity receive more.

1.7) updated: set of instructions for computer to auto-generate the following reports:

--> Patient Wait List Queue, Monthly Official Receipt, and Annual Summary Reports

--> 1.7.1) Patient Wait List Queue

--> added: instructions for computer to auto-verify if patient name already exists in Computer Database before adding

--> This action is to eliminate excess steps of deleting multiple copies of the same patient names.

--> We note, however, that there still exist patients with name variations for the same patient.

--> In addition, we remind Unit members to execute search before adding patient names.

--> We identify this as problem classified to be system-related.

--> 1.7.2) Monthly Official Receipt

--> added: comma in Official Receipt Reports: MOSC and P.A.S. ORTHOPEDIC AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES (PAS)

--> This is to make the amount with 4 or more digits quickly readable.

--> Example: 12345 --> 12,345

--> 1.7.3) Annual Summary Reports

--> Annual Summary Reports include:

--> Patient Referral from Medical Doctor Summary Report

Set of instructions in Java Computer Language

Auto-executed by Windows machine

--> Annual Year End Summary Report

Auto-generated Portion of Sample Summary Report

Final Output: .png Image File of Web Page

--> where: HMO = Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), i.e. non-cash payment


We use a combination of techniques to assist the computer in auto-correcting spelling of keywords:

1) Levenstein Distance Technique

--> This compares two keywords and gives a number value on their similarity.

--> Example:

--> Compare the Difference between Strings, i.e. string of numbers/letters/symbols:

myLevenshteinDistance.apply("1234567890", "1"); //answer: 9

myLevenshteinDistance.apply("123", "123"); //answer: 0

myLevenshteinDistance.apply("123", "132"); //answer: 2

myLevenshteinDistance.apply("132", "1 32"); //answer: 1

--> We can set a number for the computer to auto-identify that two keywords are classified to already be equal.

--> Example:


--> Set the number to be 2, so that the following keywords are equal.


--> Reference:

--> https://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-text/javadocs/api-release/org/apache/commons/text/similarity/LevenshteinDistance.html; last accessed: 20201228

2) Lists of keywords with classification and sub-classifications


--> Both are auto-classified to be "HMO/GENERALIPHIL".

--> We added these lists due to select keywords are not auto-classified by the Levenstein Distance Technique to be equal.

The objective of this is so that the computer can already assist Unit members, even if I am working with another Unit.

From observation and in history, we learn that there has been less focus on support work due to the task is boring, i.e. not exciting, in contrast to developing creative, i.e. innovative, work.

However, I shared with Unit members that support work, e.g. office automation, is a billion United States Dollar (USD) industry.

Actually, the video games industry is also a billion USD industry. Yet, due to the environment of continuous innovation, there are more and more video games companies, e.g. game software development companies, that shutdown after their games do not sell sufficiently.

This is despite the games being fun.


1) ALPHADREAM with the マリオ&ルイージ (MARIO&LUIGI) RPG franchise, e.g. Bowser's Inside Story.

I note that we can still view support work via adding and repairing computer hardware-software machines as similar to executing service work of the following:

1) aircondition machine cleaning maintenance

2) robot maintenance

--> in SONY Computer Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla's KillZone 2

--> +added: set of instructions for computer to read as input the auto-generated output .csv file

--> The computer displays the contents on a web browser.

--> We add that a web browser empowers multiple Unit members to view the same file using a web address.

--> We can edit only that file and all the Unit members can view the updated version.

--> +added: set of instructions using phantom.js tool for computer to auto-capture a screenshot photograph of the file on a web browser.

--> At present, it is faster to view by a human person an image file via network sharing tools, e.g. Viber, Gmail.

--> This is instead of the web browser-viewable .html file due to computer browser and network sharing tool's settings, e.g. security.


I shared with Unit members that image files take longer to auto-process such as for viewing by the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/communist terrorist group.

Example: Photograph of Patient Record vs Text Message with name, address, etc.

In a photograph, the computer shall still need to execute additional steps:

1) identify the character font to get keywords

2) identify the human language used in the keywords

--> This can be done by verifying select words frequently used in the language, e.g. in English, the word, "the".

From history, we learn that encryption security techniques can cause an additional 4 years for a cybercriminal/communist terrorist group to view the contents of a file.

However, with faster computers, e.g. those classified to be supercomputers, the delay caused by encryption security techniques becomes shorter.

Therefore, it is not effective to focus only on increasing defense especially against those classified to be members of the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/communist terrorist group.

The delay only causes inefficient time usage against a manloloko group whose objective is to quickly get money regardless of the damage such action causes to both public and private entities.

Recommended Action: Puksain ang mga budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/communist terrorist group na gumagamit ng wireless broadcasting technology upang gumawa ng mga panlolokong ingay at pisikal na pananakit.

1.8) updated: set of instructions for computer to auto-generate the Official Receipt report in December

--> shared: answer to question on converting text to date format using SQL in www.stackoverflow.com

--> SQL = Structured Query Language; We use this with Computer Database technology.


More than 5 years ago, I was invited to provide assistance to another Filipino computer services company. My task was to share know-how on the Android Operating System (OS), computer networks, and Microsoft .NET technology.


Question: What technique do we use to send an image file to a networked computer?


We first convert the image file into a set of numbers that we put in a container. This set of numbers is what we send over the network to the destination computer. We can use Java or C# Computer Languages to write the set of instructions for the computer to auto-execute the technique.

Additional Notes:

1) The team was aware of web services, e.g. www.stackoverflow.com, to assist in answering any of their logical questions, i.e mga tanong ukol sa maparaang pagbibilang.

--> However, I learned that they prefer to view answers, but not contribute via voting and writing questions or answers.

--> I recommended that they be active contributors by executing such actions.

2) I agree that logical questions have logical answers.

--> If the question is not logical, e.g. emotional, unclear, I admit that I do not know what the correct answer is.

--> Because of this, I prefer to use web services, e.g. www.stackoverflow.com, instead of www.facebook.com.

1.9) continued: to share printed Usbong Newsletters to Salespersons in Barangays Sta. Elena and San Roque

--> shared: with among others: Unit members and Medical Representatives of Pharmaceutical companies that visit MOSC

--> This is in addition to the digital version available at www.usbong.ph

--> We add that we share questions as review of Maparaang Pagbibilang concepts

--> The objective of this is to verify if there exist select tasks that we can already request them to execute.

--> This is instead of having only one (1) Unit member do the tasks.

--> received: notification that at present, we are at 1) Algebra, i.e. use of containers whose value inside may vary

--> recommended: that Unit members write their answers, instead of attempting to solve the questions in the mind

--> We add that with such know-how, we can write a set of instructions for the computer to auto-compute transactions.

--> observed: auto-computation is noticeably faster when the total transactions count is over 1000


I admit that even I find it difficult, therefore, slower, to solve the questions without writing the steps. However, I observed that one (1) Unit member who finished Algebra Skill Level 2 did not need to write the steps at all.






This is likely due to she has encountered the question several times at work as part of the Accounting/Cashier Unit.

In attempting to solve Algebra Level 3, I add that she inadvertently omitted the “K” in "600K" to mean "600,000". In addition, I observed that there has been less need for her to use know-how to set the United States Dollar (USD) : Philippine Peso (PHP) foreign exchange rate.




L = ? //LOSS




3) USD1 : PHP54


2) Notified: Unit members regarding computer network security

--> reminded: Unit members that entering MOSC & USBONG computer network difficult via remote access

--> Attacker should physically be located in MOSC vicinity with correct passphrase to access using wired/wireless connection.

--> However, information sent from MOSC to computers located outside become less secure.

--> In addition, attacker can still cause computers at MOSC to become slow.

--> This is by making computers perpetually think, i.e. count/process, leading to shutdown when accessing select websites hosted by computers located outside MOSC, etc.

--> +identified: already members of budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/communist terrorist group who attack via unauthorized access, etc.

--> +notified: law enforcement, banks, etc.

--> Communist Terrorist group includes in particular: relatives (father side) and false friends

--> We add that this Communist Terrorist group still continues to use wireless broadcasting technology to cause physical injury leading to death.


From observation, a computer network system that uses combinations of Operating Systems, e.g. Windows, Linux, macOS, Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), offers a stronger security defense, especially against attackers who use Computer Bots.

This is instead of only one (1) Operating System.


1) A Computer Bot that auto-executes on a Windows machine as a "batch file" is not classified by a Linux machine to be so.

--> Therefore, it shall not auto-execute on Linux.

--> "batch file": file with set of instructions that are executed by the computer using a Windows machine's Command Prompt Tool

2) A Computer Bot that auto-executes only in a file directory system that uses a forward slash, i.e. "/", shall not auto-execute in a system that uses a back slash, i.e. "\".

Additional Note:

1) Maintenance of such a computer network system shall require Unit members with know-how on combinations of Operating Systems.

2) A Computer Bot from an attacker can cause among others: delays in service execution by causing the computer to count/process excessively.

Recommended Action:

1) verify: cause why attackers with such know-how attack a computer network system

--> This is instead of working with a computer company to do honest work.

--> Similar with the automotive industry, a person, who has sufficient know-how regarding automotive vehicles to steal as a carnapper, shall be welcome to work at an automotive company.

--> From observation, the cause is due to becoming a Communist Terrorist to quickly get money.

--> In addition, the Communist Terrorist quickly uses up the stolen money regardless of amount.

--> This leads to another criminal activity.

--> Therefore, Communist Terrorists regularly commit crime.

3) Shared: Marikina City Ordinance Enacting the Noise Control Regulations (ORDINANCE No. 100 Series of 2010)

--> Please refer to the City Ordinance document for the complete Noise Control Regulations.



Section 4 -- The following shall constitute as prohibited acts punishable under this Ordinance:

(a) Operation or Sound Reproduction Devices -- No person shall operate or use or cause to operate any sound reproduction device for any of the following purposes:

2. To create unnecessary noise, except when the noise is a result of the operation or use of any claxon or air horn installed in a motor vehicle to signal imminent danger.

(p) Unnecessary Noise means any excessive or unusually loud sound, or any sound which either annoys, disturbs, injures endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace, or safety of a person, or which causes injury to plant or animal life, or damage to property or business.

WHEREAS, noise pollution or unabated noise is considered a public nuisance disturbing not only the auditory nerves, but even the emotional and psychological well-being of persons;

WHEREAS, it is a right of every human being to have a peaceful environment and to have a good night's sleep.

4) Updated Training Centre: Security Defense Force

--> 4.1) Translated from nihongo to English profile of 高田明和先生 (Teacher Takada, Akikazu)

--> Teacher Takada wrote 「お悩み12:どこでも誰でも簡単にできるストレス解消法」

--> "Iyong Alinlangan#12: Simpleng paraan ng paglabas ng istres: Saan man, kahit sino"

--> +verified: Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) updated security settings 2020-12-13 (Sunday)

--> 1935年静岡県生まれ。慶応大学医学部大学院修了、医学博士。

--> Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1935. Completed Keiou University's Graduate School of Medicine, Medical Doctor.

--> ニューヨーク州立大学助教授、浜松医科大学教授をへて現職。

--> New York State University Assistant Professor, received present work as Hamamatsu Medical Science University Professor.

--> 専門は血液学、大脳生理学、精神医学。

--> Specialty: Studies on Blood Liquid, Big Grain Grow Reason, Spirit God Medicine.


In 2008, I was in Japan with a fellow dormer at the common dining area. We were watching a television show regarding a 慶応 (Keiou) University graduate who was giving advice to Japanese high school students. He recommended not to immediately continue with university in Japan. Instead, they should go abroad and learn as much as they can there.

My fellow dormer who is Japanese did not approve of the recommendation. He preferred the Japanese training system which taught discipline. He added that we can observe this in 剣道(kendou), which his children had to learn.

As it turns out, by middle school, Japanese students receive formal training on 武道(budou), e.g. kendou, 空手(karate).

In addition, during this time, Japanese students receive formal training on the English language. This totals to 6 years until high school to prepare for the university entrance examinations.

From observation, while there is less focus on speaking, understanding literature, i.e. written materials, is emphasized.

I add that we Filipinos can begin training children by 16 years old to already do their own groceries, cook meals, clean the toilet, wash clothes, etc.

While the short-term cost may seem higher, there is long-term value with children learning these things at 16.

We can transform a household into a dormitory with common dining areas.

By the time they reach university, I recommend that we have already set aside a portion of our savings, so that children can go abroad, Japan, in particular, to learn.

Recommended Reading: Mark Borthwick's "Pacific Century: The Emergence Of Modern Pacific Asia, 2nd Edition"

--> Great Teacher Fukuzawa Yukichi, founder of Keiou University.

--> 4.2) 井上達夫「共生の作法――会話としての正義――」(創文社、一九八六年)

Inoue, Tatsuo. (1986). "Living Together Making Law――Justice as Conversation――". Soubunsha

--> Translated from nihongo to Filipino and English by SYSON, MICHAEL B.


--> Pinaiiral ng batas sa loob ang paghiling (request) ng katarungan.


--> Sa isa pang pagsabi, binubuo ng katarungan ang budhi ng lohikal na konsepto ng batas.



--> Pampublikong Batayan: Ukol sa tunay o hindi ng hatol, hindi maaaring tunay ito mula sa panlabas na pananaw, kung hindi umiiral ang pinagpasiyahang paraan na magkaisang makakamit ng kahit man lang ng karamihan ng pinagsamang nag-iisip, i.e. nagbibilang (rational/logical), na tao


--> Nibel ng Kahulugan ng Pinagsamang Nag-iisip, i.e. Nagbibilang (rational/logical), na Tao:


--> Karaniwang tao, at taong walang higit sa karaniwan ang know-how, kakayanan, kapansanan sa espiritu, labis na excitement, atbp, at hindi nasa sitwasyon na hindi magagamit ang know-how na iyon.


--> "Hindi umiiral bilang tunay ang labanan ng magkabilang panig"


--> Hindi maitatayo mula sa wika ang kahulugan ng tunay kung walang aktwal na paggamit ng tao ang wika.


--> Kung maibubuo ang pag-unawa na malinawanag na masasabing may labanan (contradiction) ang magkabila, wala nang ebidensya na may posibiledad pa na baliktad ang pag-unawa ng tunay.


This is from the small written/literature discussion part of the following:

高島照子, et al. (2013).防衛大学校(2014年版大学入試シリーズNo.167).京都:教学社

Takashima, Teruko, et al. (2013). Defense Force University (2014 Edition University Entrance Examination Series No. 167). Kyoto: kyougakusha

Additional Notes:

1) 法 = paraan, batas

2) 手続 (Hand Continue) = paraan, proceso

5) Received: reply from PhilHealth via email that the Action Center Team shall verify with their Application Developers and Policymakers to update system to make Total Amount Due already be rounded to become whole numbers, i.e. integers.

--> where: PRO = Philippine Regional Office; NCR = National Capital Region

--> In addition, we clarify that this pertains to the PhilHealth Statement of Premium Account (SPA) Form.


Total Amount Due: 818.78 -> 819

Employer Share: 409.39 -> 409.50

Employee Share: 409.39 -> 409.50

--> We identify the Action Center Team to be with PRO NCR-Central Branch.

6) Continued with Research & Development (R&D): Automotive

--> 6.1) added: Notes: Usbong CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

--> We use Maparaang Pagbibilang, i.e. Math, equations to noticeably reduce file size

--> Vector graphics to Math equations

--> This is instead of image textures.

--> Additional Note:

--> 1) Use of Random Access Memory (RAM) lower; In its stead, we use the Computer Processor more.

--> Recommended Web Pages:

--> https://www.mathsisfun.com/algebra/line-equation-2points.html

--> https://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/parabola.html


I learned about this technique of using Math equations to noticeably reduce file size back when I was in College Filipino class, which we now classify to be High School level.

Our project task was to use computer technology, i.e. Macromedia Flash, to tell a story in the Filipino language.

I observed that we submitted our team's work in a diskette, while my classmates had to use Compact Discs (CDs).

As it turned out, they were using several photographs, such that the total file size would not fit inside a diskette.

In our team's case, I drew the characters, objects, environments, etc in the story using a Macromedia Flash tool that auto-converted the lines and shapes into Math equations.

Recommended Action:

1) learn: file size compression techniques

--> 6.2) updated: Usbong OpenGL (Graphics Library) Automotive

--> +added: robotship firing of beams based on its direction

--> +added: pilot

--> +added: read input .txt file to auto-generate map

--> +updated: Usbong Engine to auto-draw objects based on their positions in the z-axis

--> Usbong Engine auto-draws first farther objects, i.e. positions higher in the z-axis;

--> This is so that the auto-drawn output is correct when objects overlap.

Auto-draw based on Z-axis positions

Usbong Engine (work-in-progress version)

Auto-drawn by Windows Machine

RobotShip: Arm & Leg Movement

Auto-drawn by Linux Machine

RobotShip: Move with Rapidfire Beam

Auto-drawn by Linux Machine

--> +updated: robotship with movement


From observing existing works and actually working on 3-Dimensional (3D) Technology to build the Usbong Engine, we can learn that the auto-drawn shapes appear to be made of thin paper.

This thin paper is not yet at all solid, especially when the engine still does not include or correctly execute impact after collision.

Even in 2K and gearbox's Borderlands 2 (Game of the Year Edition), monsters on the computer or television monitor at times are not solid, appearing as auto-generated illusions.

Therefore, the next task is to identify the quickest technique to bring the auto-drawn 3D shapes out of the monitor.

Example: Robotship that a human person as pilot can enter to be his vehicle.

In addition, we understand that when we reach our 40’s, our physical strength tends to be lower than when we were in our 20's.

The objective of this is to empower the pilot to bring items whose weight is in excess of 5kg and with traveling distance of at least 624meters.

At present, we combine vehicles that use wheels with rubber tires and paved roads to increase efficiency. However, due to city development, walking can be faster than using such vehicles, albeit we shall need assistance to carry weight in excess of 5kg.


1) Physical movement of clinic items, e.g. gallons of medical alcohol, laundry, from MOSC HQ at Barangay Sto. Niño, Marikina City, to SLHCC Unit at Barangay San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal

We add that use of feet technology, e.g. bipedal, instead of wheels with rubber tires can solve the problem of uneven surfaces, e.g. stairs, select pedestrian lanes.

We verified that a person can use two (2) backpacks, i.e. bags, worn at the front and back to increase items. Therefore, the machine as vehicle shall provide the assistance to carry the additional weight.

Recommended Reading:

https://global.honda/innovation/robotics/ASIMO.html; last accessed: 20201231

7) Continued to share Information via among others: available used books

--> 7.1) Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

--> Marked select pages for emphasis:

--> 7.1.1) "To be or not to be...": explains that we are alive due to our preferring to endure known hardships, instead of what is not known.

--> 7.1.2) Poison, especially that which is used as weapon for treachery, kills.

--> Treachery: betrayal, i.e. mga baliktad-baliktad/manloloko na tao, pinaniniwalaan/pinananampalatayaan, atbp.

--> 7.2) Lonely Planet's Japan and Philippines

--> We encourage people to walk continuously at least 20minutes everyday.

--> We note that even in Europe people tend to walk more than those in the United States of America (USA) due to city development.


In 2004, I was a university student in Kansai, Japan. Due to being the only Filipino citizen at the university at the time, and without any guide from the Filipinos who came before me, I had to learn how to maximize my time to experience as much as I could.

The university library offered an opportunity for me to borrow the Lonely Planet Japan guidebook to identify places to visit. While the guidebook offered recommendations, e.g. amerikamura in downtown Osaka City, I learned after arriving and speaking in nihongo with the people that they’d not recommend going there. Despite this, I returned the Lonely Planet Japan guidebook noticeably used. This is why, I decided to buy my own copy when I returned to the Philippines during the December holidays.

In 2005, my teacher offered to lend me the course textbook, i.e. Mark Borthwick's "Pacific Century (2nd Ed)". I gratefully returned it after the semester.

Years later, in the Philippines, I was able to find a copy with the exact version at the discount/used book store, BookSale. As a college teacher, I learned to use the school library in the Philippines to reduce expenses. This is due to after computation, even buying used/discounted books caused my expenses to increase.

At USBONG, we also opened a digital store, USBONG SPECIALTY BOOKSTORE, and attempted to sell used books with the objective of offering cheaper prices than those found at local bookstores, e.g. National Book Store, Fullybooked.

BookSale, Chapters & Pages, and Zeitgeist Books still sold used books, at lower prices, albeit I learned that a person without a guide would not know which books to buy. We offered books that I would recommend people to read.

However, problems related to the budol-budol/manloloko/carnapper/cybercriminal/

communist terrorist group caused us to focus in providing computer assistance to partner, MOSC. This is due to select Unit members were being targeted by this communist terrorist group, such that workload increased and remained unfinished.

8) Continued to share Information on Energy and Health

--> observed: that select fields, e.g. occupation, in the patient index card are not yet all answered by the patients when they come to pay at the Accounting/Cashier Unit.

--> worked: with patients to answer the remaining fields

--> shared: “homemaker” as another value for occupation, besides “housewife”

--> We classify “homemaker” as hanap-buhay, which includes gawaing-bahay.

--> With students, we accept “student” as answer to occupation.

--> With children, who are not yet students based on age, we accept "child".

--> shared: that it is healthier to not take any medicine items at all

--> This is due to medicine items, e.g. those written by Medical Doctors in medical prescriptions/recetas, include poison.

--> Our liver can usually clean this poison.

--> However, when we take excess medicine items, the liver will not anymore be able to clean the poison.

--> Because of this, our blood, which carry food to our cells, shall include poison, i.e. toxic/lason.

--> This causes us to not feel well.

--> We add that usually the health problem can be solved via lifestyle change.

--> Example: People who continue to carry heavy objects while using incorrect technique shall continue to also take medicine items that are classified to be pain relievers.

--> When they reach their 40's, etc, their physical body shall need more medicine items.

--> By their 60's, the increase in number and variety of medicine items shall cause their blood to be unclean due to poison.

--> We can observe that if we do not clean our toilet every week, dirt with harmful germs begin to appear.

--> We use medicine items to quickly, albeit temporarily, solve the lifestyle problem.

--> Additional Example:

--> If we do not regularly drink milk/eat cheese and exercise, i.e. physical activity, since our 20's, we shall need to take medicine items with vitamins to quickly get missing nutrition by our 40's.

--> verified: that it can take 6 oranges eaten continuously each day (total: 6 days) to increase immune, i.e. defense, system against cough, colds, etc.

--> We need only one (1) ascorbic acid tablet, i.e. vitamin C.

--> However, with regular taking of ascorbic acid tablet, addiction to medicine items increases.

--> Stopping can cause temporary dizziness, etc.

--> We add that we feel pain due to there is something wrong.

--> Pain relievers cause us to not feel the pain, but they do not solve the lifestyle problem.

--> Example: Your foot is already being eaten, but you do not feel it.

--> Therefore, we are grateful that a patient who comes to the Accounting/Cashier Unit for payment is not classified to be Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

--> Mas nais mo bang may PWD card, pero walang paa?