EXCEL 2021-05


Rosso = Pula




May 2021

To eliminate excess steps and inefficient time usage, Marikina Orthopedic Specialty Clinic (MOSC) requested Usbong's services to automate routine, monotonous tasks and share with unit members know-how on computers.

1) Continued to update Knowledge Management System (KMS)

--> 1.1) verified: instructions to upload Index Cards as Image Files


We have been using the KMS's Store Image Command to quickly transfer images from a computer, e.g. mobile telephone, to another.

In addition, the Computer Server automatically stores the image file's storage LOCATION in the MySQL (Structured Query Language) Database (DB). We note that we do not store the image file in the DB to eliminate excess file storage space consumption..

To execute these actions, we use among others:

Apache Web Server

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) + CodeIgniter Framework (version 2)

MySQL: Structured Query Language

Reminder: For select devices, computers do not quickly identify them after connecting via Universal Series Bus (USB) cable.

Example: Samsung Duos Mobile Telephone requires installation of "Samsung Kies" for a Microsoft Windows Computer to identify it.

--> 1.2) updated: set of instructions to prevent multiple button clicks, e.g. to execute the add transaction

--> Previously, the Computer Server already prevented multiple additions of patients in the same Cart List.

--> However, a Unit member can quickly press/click the add patient button multiple times to cause the Server to accept the additions.

--> This is due to the time it takes for the Server to verify if a patient already exists in the List.

--> learned: we need to add instructions for the Computer Client to automatically set the button to disabled

--> When the Client auto-reloads the page, the button is reset to enabled.

--> Reminder: We use Javascript to execute Client Commands.

--> HTML container values set using PHP Commands are only updated after the Server finishes execution.

--> 1.3) continued: to share know-how on computers and Information Technology (IT) tools

--> Examples:

--> 1.3.1) answers to questions @www.stackoverflow.com

--> 1.3.2) IT ASIA: Information, Technology, and Society in Asia

--> Recommended Actions:

--> learn: nihongo, albeit select courses are in the English language

--> verify: map to include countries classified to be part of Asia

--> Maparaang Pagbibilang via Information Technology is vital to make Society in Asia strong

--> Recommended Reading: Hayao Miyazaki, Shiba Ryoutaro, at Hotta Yoshie sa 「時代の風音 (jidai no fuuin; wind sound of the times; Zeitgeist)」

--> Kung nais sumalakay ang isang pangkat ng mga Indian sa isa pang pangkat sa India, maiging alam nila ang bilang, i.e. ilan ang kanilang kalabang pangkat.

--> Kung may 500 sundalo ang kanilang kalaban, magdala na sila ng 600 sundalo.

--> Kung may kakayanang magpadala ng Airstrike ang kanilang kalaban, maiging magsama sila ng mga Anti-aircraft vehicle.

--> 1.4) continued: to provide computer service assistance via computer parts repair and replacement

--> reminded: Unit members to clean area due to insects, e.g. ipis/cockroaches, enter the computer box to cause problems, e.g. hardware reading failure

--> Ipis size can be 4cm; Ipis egg size 2cm

--> In addition, loose SATA cable connection can cause hardware reading failure.

--> where: SATA = Serial Advanced Technology Attachment


The budol-budol/carnapper/manloloko/cybercriminal/Communist Terrorist group continues to misuse wireless broadcasting technology to cause noise and physical injury.

Effect: While executing computer repair, such noise can cause among others: physical movement problems, e.g. excess movement to make hands drop and hit objects, e.g. computer fan.

Reminder: The computer fan's blades are sufficiently sharp, especially when spinning, to cut finger skin and cause blood to come out.

I experienced this result after again being targeted by this Teroristang Komunista group. In my more than 10 years of working with computers, this was the first incident of my finger hitting the computer fan.

Reminder: We unplug the electrical socket from the outlet consent to eliminate physical injury.

The noise from the Teroristing Komunista can also cause problems in memory, e.g. remembering.

Reminder: wireless broadcasting technology is used as weapon to cause dizziness, et cetera, equal with the effects of illegal drugs, e.g. taima, marijuana

Modus Operandi: Target person is caused to leave object, e.g. cash, mobile telephone, on a table. Teroristang Komunista picks the object to be classified as stolen.

Cause: Quick money; especially because stolen money by Teroristang Komunista group has become insufficient due to their increasing members who marry and have children.

Executed Action among others:

1) Filed written incident report to provide assistance to Law Enforcement

Recommended Action: Puksain ang mga Teroristang Komunista

Additional Note:

1) Software/computers/machines do not intentionally cause us physical injuries. The problem is with people classified to be Teroristang Komunista who intentionally misuse technology by causing us physical injuries to quickly get money.

--> 1.5) updated: set of instructions to auto-generate Monthly Summary Report of Daily Patient Count

--> This is in addition to the Monthly Report from partner Sta. Lucia Health Care Center (SLHCC) Unit.


--> observed: increase in patient count in the year 2020 and 2021

--> This is due to increase in Medical Doctors in the morning and increase in patients in the afternoon.

--> In select months from 2019 to 2020, patient count via data entered in Computer Database stopped.

--> This is due to among others:

--> Trained Unit member left to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

--> received: request to focus on partner SLHCC Unit to verify cause of payment delays

--> This is for both Cash and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) payments.

--> learned: after providing assistance and working on the tasks, e.g. those executed by SLHCC's Accounting Unit, that there exist attacks to Unit members by the budol-budol/car-napper/manloloko/cybercriminal/Communist Terrorist group who misuse wireless broadcasting technology.

--> The effect of such attacks is equal with that of illegal drugs for use with the central nerve.

--> Examples of such illegal drugs: taima, marijuana

--> Examples of Effect: excitement, dizziness, illusion

--> Reminder: At partner SLHCC Unit, patient count decreased by at least 25%

--> This is due to decrease in Medical Doctors for Consultation and patients opting not to come for Physical Therapy (PT) Treatment.

--> Example Cause: to eliminate infection from CORONA VIRUS 2019 (COVID-19)

--> 1.6) updated: @partner Sta. Lucia Health Care Center (SLHCC) Unit, set of instructions in workbooks to auto-generate Payslip and Official Receipt Reports

--> This is due to select Medical Doctors from May 2021 use an increased Tax Withheld value, i.e. 10%.

--> Previously, it was 5%.

--> ORTHO & PT Unit Member notifies via Local Unit Telephone the Cashier @Cashier Unit to already auto-generate Payslip Report due to no more Cash payments from patients for the day.


--> Computer Client @Cashier Unit auto-sends the Payslip Report with the transaction details.

--> This is received by the Computer Server @ORTHO & PT Unit.

--> We use a Mini Router with one (1) small antenna to wirelessly connect the computers in a local network.

--> Example: Router Machine from https://www.linksys.com/ph/

--> We use additional IT tools to automatically transfer data from the Microsoft EXCEL workbook stored in a Computer Client @Cashier Unit to the Computer Server @ORTHO & PT Unit.

--> We add Macros, i.e. set of instructions, that we wrote using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Computer Language to save data as Tab-delimited .txt files in the file system storage of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

--> In addition, our Macros include execution of Batch Command Files.

--> Reminder: Batch Command Files are identified and executed by Computer Machines that use the Microsoft Windows OS. With Linux, e.g. LUBUNTU 20.04LTS, an alternative to the Microsoft Windows OS, we use Bash Shell Command Files.

--> The Batch Command Files contain instructions to notify the Java Virtual Machine (VM) to execute a set of instructions to automatically use as input the Tab-delimited .txt files into a packet that we can send to another Computer that is also connected to the network.

--> The .txt files contain the Payslip transaction data from the Microsoft EXCEL workbook.

--> Example Destination: Computer @ORTHO & PT Unit


--> The Java Computer Language empowers us to use existing libraries, which contain sets of instructions available to the public, to execute Web Network Commands, e.g. those written in the PHP Computer Language. With this action, we do not anymore need to open a Computer Web Browser, thereby eliminating excess steps and making execution faster.

--> Additional Note: We can opt to use Computer Web Browsers, instead of executing the tasks using Microsoft EXCEL workbooks. With this action, we shall exchange the use of MS EXCEL workbooks with Web Browsers. At present, however, our partner clinic prefers to use MS EXCEL workbooks.

--> The Computer that receives the packet auto-stores its data in its Database (DB) in the Structured Query Language (SQL) and as a Tab-delimited .txt file in a list stored inside a folder in the OS.

--> The packet and the stored data in MySQL DB adhere to the JSON format.

--> In addition, using the PHP Computer Language, we can add and execute MYSQL Commands to interact with the DB and Batch Command Files to interact with the OS.

--> Additional Note: We still store data in the DB, not only to use as a history list, but also to prepare when we execute system upgrade, which includes rank up of Unit members' skill level, by using Web Browsers.

--> Unit Members @ORTHO & PT Unit can now notify the Microsoft Excel Workbook via a Macro to auto-generate the Payslip Report, including auto-computing the expected Amount Paid and Professional Fee.

--> Reminder: Correct Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Fees and Cash Discounts, e.g. for Senior Citizens, are auto-computed.

--> The Macro opens and reads the day's packet stored as a Tab-delimited .txt file in a folder in the OS.

Example Payslip Transaction Data From Cashier Unit

Auto-generated @ORTHO & PT Unit

Workbook File Opened Using LibreOffice Calc

--> The Macro uses the data to auto-correct the Payslip Report @ORTHO & PT Unit.

--> It includes notes, e.g. corrections if select transactions are not equal with that @Cashier Unit.

Example Report Today Output

Auto-generated @ORTHO & PT Unit

Workbook File Opened Using Libreoffice Calc

--> In addition, the computer server includes in the auto-generation a Tab-delimited .txt file with the transactions data for the Month.

--> The computer stores this .txt file in a folder.

--> Data in this file is equal with data in the Month's worksheet.

--> We create and store a .txt file for each month for both Consultation and PT Treatment transactions.

--> We use this file with Report Generation, e.g. for Monthly Summary Report, HMO Billing Report.

2) Continued with Research & Development (R&D)

--> Usbong: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

--> verified: techniques to reuse available machines, e.g. television (TV) sets

--> The objective is to connect them to the Computer Server via LAN (Wireless・Wired)

--> where: LAN = Local Area Network

--> Example Usage: View Patient Wait List on the TV set

--> 2.1) verified: adding PlayStation Portable (PSP) to TV set

--> learned: PSP's Computer Web Browser Technology accepts only select HTML Commands;

--> Web Services, e.g. YouTube, do NOT execute

--> Therefore, we shall need to update the Computer Server instructions

--> This is so that files are displayed correctly on the TV set + PSP.

--> 2.2) verified: adding Android box to TV set

--> learned: we can add input devices, e.g. computer keyboard & mouse, XBOX360 Controller

--> Web Services, e.g. YouTube, do execute

--> Cost: Android box x1 @PHP1,000

--> Technical Specifications:

Android Operating System (OS) version: 11.1

Memory Storage: 8GB + 128GB

Central Processing Unit (CPU): 64-bit 4 Cores

Input Voltage Requirement: 12V

Wireless Fidelity (WiFi): 2.4G/5G

Wired RJ-45 Cable Port Count: 1

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port Count: 3

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to TV Port Count: 1

Physical Box Size (approximate): 15 x 15 x 2.5cm

--> TO-DO: -add: the rest

--> 2.2) Automotive: Usbong CAD (Computer Aided Design)

--> added: Usbong Paint Equation Tool

--> 2.3) Automotive: Usbong Network

Window Size (width x height): 256x256pixels

Color Level: 24 bits (R8, G8, B8)

File Size as .BMP (Bitmap) Image Format: 196730 B, i.e. 192.1 KB

--> 2.4) Energy and Health: Food

--> verified: water + vinegar spray mechanism

--> After setting spray output to be center focus, instead of spread, target hit distance can reach 3meters.

--> verified: tomato plant leaf to be heart shape

--> 2.5) Security Defense Force

--> verified: German Luger weapon tool mechanism to be rapid fire

--> reminder: Put tool close to your center position when firing projectiles to quickly and correctly hit targets

--> If you put tool closer to, e.g. your right side, hitting targets becomes difficult, especially when you also move your position.

--> There is a known problem with what we see, such that we do not hit targets.

--> This is even if it appears that we should have hit the targets.

--> With machine-guns, rapid firing with stationary rotating movement to cause oscillating, i.e. wave movement, of projectiles increases hits.

--> If you are already hitting the target, no need to add excess wave movement.

--> This is due to tool mechanism's precision, i.e. rapid fire causes projectiles to consistently hit set location.


We learn that 三上 真司 (Mikami, Shinji; CAPCOM バイオハザード BIOHAZARD Producer) shares the objective of creating a world system for us to experience being stuck there and approaching death.

We have the option to choose to execute one of these two (2):

1) wait to be killed by the virus, i.e. virus-infected zombie

2) fight before we die

He adds that such experience is similar to the preference of select people to not drink Lager Beer. It is either we choose to experience it or not.


German Luger weapon tool

German Lager Beer

Additional Note:

1) We classify "Producer" to be "Unit Chief" due to if project fails, , i.e. expenses > income, Producer is accountable to pay financially for the failed project.


三並達也 (Ed). (1997). "BIO HAZARD: The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD". OSAKA: CAPCOM

TO-DO: -update: this