"Ad majorem Dei gloriam"

"For the greater glory of God"

-Saint Ignatius of Loyola

There are two main ways to create your very own app that runs on Usbong .

We recommend the first one, which is the use of Usbong Builder.

1) Usbong Builder

Advantageous for minimal to fairly complex branching trees.

2) Spreadsheet

Advantageous if you use minimal (or no) branching, such as for surveys, and there are many components involved.


For those who don't have an Android device, this one double-click Usbong installer will install and configure the Android emulator on your Windows machine.

This also runs on Windows 8/8.1. To avoid permission issues, be sure to right-click, then choose "Run as administrator" on Install/Uninstall.bat.

*Special thanks to Deni Jaramillo.